Welcome to Sanskriti!

Sanskriti, which means tradition, stands true to its name and believes in creating a learning environment like that of traditional times, where children learn while belonging to their learning environment, feeling responsible for it, and the adults in this learning environment take up the role of adults in the family.


Our Values

Sanskriti stands for pristine, value-based and holistic education. The school strives to instill endearing values in its children through its profound academic paradigms. Providing a fertile ground for budding talent to blossom into enlightened individuals and influential institutions that the world can be proud of, Sanskriti is truly an influential tradition in education. The school’s emblem, featuring a double-ringed floral pattern with 12 petals in vibrant hues, exemplifies its unwavering commitment to building character and nurturing excellence. The four petals in the inner ring and eight petals in the outer ring represent the school’s core values: Love, Empathy, Magnanimity, Gratitude, Humility, Nature Loving, Courage, Discipline, Patience, Perseverance, Wisdom and Creativity. These are the true traits of a noble mind, enriched with the spirit of generosity and initiative, vital to making the world a better place. And that’s exactly what the school strives for. And what better than a flower to communicate this blossoming of beautiful children into responsible, caring and competent individuals worthy of this god-given life.


Tasks have been chosen from different skill areas like, Communication, Writing, Life Skills, Project, etc. Assessment criteria have been identified for each task.