Sanskriti school strives to enhance a child’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development in the most crucial years of the child’s growth. We encourage children to inculcate a positive attitude towards learning, which will hold them in good stead throughout life. To meet this goal, it is essential to help children set realistic goals and undertake challenges in school that would hone their skills.

Sanskriti school’s distinct tradition, culture of innovation and indomitable school spirit, provides a fertile learning field for the New Age Child. Sanskriti school is an inclusive school where we have students of varying abilities with personalised attention. The teacher’s role is more to inspire than to teach – to be a facilitator, role model and a guide.

Creating a quality learning environment involves everyone – parents, students, teachers, support staff and volunteers, each bringing a unique perspective and contribution towards fulfilling the school’s philosophy. They are essential ingredients of our school’s continuing success.

Primary & Secondary Section

  • Sanskriti School follows the curriculum set by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.
  • English is the primary medium of instruction.
  • Environmental Education and Science are taught through project work. This teaching model focuses on development of research and presentation skills among children.

Personality Development Program

  • This program is conducted once a week for classes I to XII. It involves activities and discussions designed to encourage children to interact freely on a topic or to address specific concerns.
  • Through this program, students learn to appreciate perspectives other than their own, develop critical thinking and decision-making skills.