At the onset let us introduce Kaushalaya to you. It is our annual school fest which aims at prompting the various skills of our students. This year Kaushalaya will be held on 3rd November, 2018.

Sanskriti believes that the role of any educational institution is to ensure that every student today is equipped with the 21st century skills.  Creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, leadership skills etc.. are the qualities what will make our students a success in this highly competitive world and equip them with the most important employability skills. We believe that every child is a born entrepreneur. They only need the tools to help hone their entrepreneurial skills. But that is not enough. The best formula to be a good and successful human being is a combination of intelligence, skill and empathy.  Yes, empathy is one of the most important values which need to be inculcated in our coming generations. This gave birth to the concept of Kaushalaya.

Kaushalaya is a platform for every student to showcase their skills. Participation in Kaushalaya will help in improving the efficacy and quality of their labour. Students take complete onus of their action. They are completely involved in the entire process right from deciding which product to make to customizing it, marketing it and finally selling it.  These skills being developed will help them face any challenge that they  may come across in life.

Kaushalaya is not only about enhancing the student’s entrepreneurial skills  but through donations of the proceeds of their sold products they are also imbibing the value of empathy in themselves.  The recognition that, their hard work and talent has brought joy to another less fortunate individual is the biggest take away from Kaushalaya.

Skill – empathy- innovation- life , that is what Kaushalaya is about. Learning to use their skills to innovate so that others can also benefit from it.

We are expecting almost 250 plus parents of classes 8 onwards to visit the fest and make their contribution for the same.