Middle School
6th to 8th Grade

The middle school works on providing the students with a great learning environment focusing on integrated learning, practical activities and enquiry-based projects. Language is strengthened through a variety of speaking and reading activities. Through activities conducted in the language classes, mentors also focus on building meaningful peer relationships among students.  We have also introduced Integrated Math and Science for the middle school, to help concretize theories learnt in the texts. Activities conducted in class help students understand abstract concepts also serving as a ladder to increase student’s engagement and achievement. STEM classes are also conducted on a regular basis.


Furthermore, co curricular activities are planned to ensure holistic development of students. Various sporting events and inter/intraschool activities are conducted throughout the year. Fieldtrips are planned with the objective of piloting experiential learning. Plenty of opportunities are given to ensure proper academic, social and emotional development of these early adolescents’. Not only are the students encouraged to take up various leadership roles but also realize their role and impact as global citizens.