Science Clubs:- Medha

Great physicist Albert Einstein once said “Most people say that it is the intellect which makes someone a great scientist. They are wrong: it is character.” and our Science Club provides a scope for a learner to do a lot of research work in the field of science. The club is very active throughout the year as one of the most active, well-disciplined, enthusiastic, renowned clubs enlightening and igniting young minds to think more efficiently, scientifically in a better way and coming up with more innovative ideas. The science club has significant resources at its disposal and is staffed with skilled personnel of all sorts ranging from well qualified lab assistants to highly experienced teachers.

A very popular and active club, the Heritage Club, very ably led by competent and enthusiastic teachers encourages the students to learn about the rich heritage of our country. They participate in many heritage walks and also organize a “Living Memory” exhibition, showcasing old and forgotten heritage items at homes. The club organizes talks and also maintains scrap books on the heritage of India.

Heritage club

Photography club

Composing a good picture, spotting the unusual, learning to keep a look out for good photographs is what is taught in this club. Taking the help of a professional photographer, the Photography Club has instilled great interest among the budding photographers of our school, who are seen running around with their cameras to click the rarest of photographs.

The students of our school, driven with ambition, join this club to have “fun” with Mathematics. They are taught innovative ways of solving problems, doing calculations all while enjoying the subject. One of the most sought after clubs of the school, the students like to join this club to hone and sharpen their Mathematical skills.

Mathematics Club

Eco Club

The objectives are:

To create awareness on the need to conserve our flora and fauna.
To make the students understand the value of conservation of resources – a global issue.
To motivate the students to actively take part in various projects / activities based on Eco – balance – “ Need of the hour

The students actively participate in literary and creative skills at school. This skill includes those activities where students get a chance to learn and exhibit his potential when it comes to Debate, Declamation, Creative Writing, Recitation, Poster Making, Slogan Writing, Theatre etc. After acquiring the skill the student is ready to participate in various inter and intra school competitions.

The activities are as follows:

Creative Writing
Slogan Writing
Theatre etc.

Literary Club


The students take initiative in organizing and participating in technology related events e.g. I.T fairs, competitions etc. and takes keen interest in computer related activities. This skill includes the following activities:

PowerPoint presentation
Website and Cover Page Designing
E-books etc.

The club encourages students to bring their imagination to life, by creating experiences that develop the knowledge of materials and processes as starting points for creative exploration through paint, paper and even sculpture. Members of this club learn art appreciation through hands-on experience in various art and craft projects like drawing, painting, tailoring, embroidery and pot-painting. A great deal of emphasis is put on “Art from Waste” that encourages students to create art work from discarded material thus reinforcing the importance of recycling and waste reduction..

Art club